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  1. Hi I’m looking for a copy of my mum’s BI-16 Notification form. I’ve CV been to home affairs Ladysmith & I was told it will take 6 moths to a year. I require this form urgently.

    1. I lost my mother’s death certificate and I need one asap because I need to apply for nsfas at unisa Please help,what are the requirements?

  2. I would like to know how can i get a death certificate of my beloved uncle without date of birth but only with date of Death.

      1. My uncle died in 1993 before Easter or around it, we don’t have his death certificate, and we need his date of death, can you help, we have only birth certificate that does not have ID it was hand written, he was born in 1966.

    1. Hi I am looking for a death cert. of my wife’s first husband to claim pension left his name James Peter De Vries . died 11 March 2000 born 30 December 1955

  3. Please can you advise what the cost is for me to apply for a death certificate copy. This is for my daughter’s application through the Guardian Fund for an inheritance from her maternal great grand mother.

  4. I have all the relevant information but need to know if a death is registered in South Africa I have the certificate but need to confirm it has been registered

  5. Hello I need a death certificate of Kevin Owen Smallman who passed away in July 1981 in Pretoria..his birthdate was 11November 1947

  6. I lost my fathers death certificate and I don’t know his identity number I know his name please help i tried to ask family but they don’t want to help me

  7. Hi guys i zamaswazi melody mbatha pls guys can u pls help me with a death certificate of my mom thembi mbatha i know the year it was 1963 but i dont know the date since she dies when i was very youbg

  8. Gooday,I’m looking For a death certificate of my father Mr Sebastian Christopher Reddy passed on (01/01/2008)I’m using my friend’s email can u contact me on 0846351779(Ashley)

  9. My young Brother died on 18/07/2018 last until now the department not yet Grant Death Certificate they only Grant Abridge Death Certificate not the Computerised one could assist for us for obtaining it. His name is Siyanda Diko his ID no. 8612255928081

  10. Afternoon …I’m here to ask help we lost our parents death certificate and marriage certificate while our home was burning by Thunderstorm .so I would like to know how can i get the new ones.

  11. Hi good day My name is Menzi Ntuli son of Phumzile Ntuli a former back up vocalist for mango groove she passed on in 2004 so her friend Yvonne Chaka Chaka made a success story off the cause of her death which is is malaria please help me track down her ID number she was born in 1965 and died in 2004

  12. I am looking for my grandmothers Death certificate. Her name is Presiter Manamela she in January 1950 between 12th and the end of January at Polokwane hospital. She died a few days after giving birth to my mother. We are trying to trace my mothers relatives.

  13. Need my mother ID number to get a death certificate my stepsister refuse to give me the details I need to cancel funaral policy she was borne 1931-08_28 and past on 2017 – 04 – 14

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