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Certificate of No Impediment


Certificates RSA can assist you with expediting your Certificate of No Impediment in South Africa, making this process much faster and more hassle free.

Please note that courier and postage fees that may be incurred are an additional cost, please contact us to enquire or continue reading for more information about how the process works.

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A certificate of no impediment is an official document that confirms an individual's freedom to marry. The certificate serves as proof that there are no legal obstacles or impediments to the intended marriage.

A certificate of no impediment has many different names including but not limited to:

  • Letter of No Impediment
  • Non-impediment Letter
  • Non-impediment Certificate
  • Declaration of Non-impediment to Marry
  • Certificate of Freedom to Marry
  • Statutory Declaration of Single Status
  1. This certificate is required when one or both parties in a marriage are foreign nationals or when getting married outside of South Africa. It serves as proof that there are no legal impediments to the intended marriage.
  2. In South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for issuing certificates of no impediment.
  3. To obtain this certificate in South Africa, you typically need to follow these steps:
    • Gather the necessary documents: Prepare your identification documents, such as passports or national identity cards, and any supporting documents required by the DHA
    • Complete the application form: Fill out the application form for a certificate of no impediment. This form is available at the Department of Home Affairs offices or their official website.
    • We can assist with the application
  4. Legalization and Authentication: Depending on the requirements of the country where you plan to get married, you may need to have your certificate of no impediment legalized or authenticated. This process involves obtaining an apostille or authentication from DIRCO or other relevant authorities.

If you would like more information about certificates of no impediment then check the information tabs below, or you can contact us.

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How to apply

New Applications:

Please send us the following documents after completing your online order:

  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Completed application form (download here)

Existing applications:

Please send us the following documents after completing your online order:

  • Copy of your ID
  • Receipt
  • You will need to collect it from the office of application, we cannot submit a new application and the existing one will be finalised.

Certificates of no impediment usually need to be Apostilled (separate fee).

Email documents to: onlineorders@certificatesrsa.co.za

Lead time

Lead times will depend on your chosen option:

  • Option 1: 5 - 6 weeks
  • Option 2: 2 - 3 weeks

Disclaimer: Certificates RSA does not guarantee lead times in any way and does not accept responsibility for any loss due to delays in issue of certificates and/or certificates issued with faulty information.

Variations in delivery times from the DHA fluctuate. We cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any costs incurred due to late or non delivery.

Additional costs

Cash deposits: If you will be making a cash deposit please include R50.00 for banking charges, or a separate invoice will be issued.

International payments: If paying from an international account, please include bank charges of R250.00 per transaction, or a separate invoice will be issued.

Courier: Once the certificate/s are ready they will be sent to you via courier. Please select the correct courier option when placing your order. If you are unsure about which region to select, please choose "Please send me a separate quote" and we will send you a separate invoice. If you choose an incorrect region (eg. if you select "Courier South Africa - Main Centre" but reside in a remote/outlying area in South Africa), a separate invoice will be issued to cover any additional costs.

We make use of DHL for courier services. Once the parcel has been collected from us it is out of our control and any queries should be directed to DHL directly.