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Marital Status Check


Certificates RSA can assist you with a marital status check in South Africa.

Please contact us to enquire or continue reading for more information about how the process works.

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Marital status check can be done with us or by phoning the DHA.

Send us your identity number and we will let you know your marital status. This is just a confirmation of your marital status as per the home affairs system. No official document will be issued and a fee will incur for this service

Marital status refers to an individual's legal status in relation to marriage. It describes whether a person is currently married, unmarried, divorced, widowed, or in a legally recognized partnership.

The common categories of marital status include:

  1. Single: An individual who has never been married or has not entered into a legally recognized partnership.
  2. Married: A person who is legally united in marriage with another individual.
  3. Divorced: An individual who has legally ended their marriage through a divorce or dissolution process.
  4. Widowed: Someone whose spouse has passed away, resulting in the termination of the marriage.
  5. Separated: A status indicating that a married couple is living apart but has not legally dissolved their marriage.
  6. Civil Partnership or Domestic Partnership: A legally recognized relationship similar to marriage, available in some jurisdictions, often granting similar rights and responsibilities as married couples.


Marital status can have implications in various areas, including:

  • Legal rights and obligations: Marital status can affect matters such as property ownership, inheritance rights, tax filing status, and legal decision-making.
  • Social benefits: Marital status can impact eligibility for certain social benefits, such as healthcare coverage, pension plans, and survivor benefits.

It's important to note that marital status is a personal and private matter. While it may be relevant in specific legal or administrative contexts, respect for individuals' privacy and personal choices is crucial.


How to Apply

After completing your online order, send us an email with your identity number to onlineorders@certificatesrsa.co.za.

Lead Time

Approximately: 5 working days

Disclaimer: Certificates RSA does not guarantee lead times in any way and does not accept responsibility for any loss due to delays in issue of certificates and/or certificates issued with faulty information.

Variations in delivery times from the DHA fluctuate. We cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any costs incurred due to late or non delivery.

Additional costs

Cash deposits: If you will be making a cash deposit please include R50.00 for banking charges, or a separate invoice will be issued.

International payments: If paying from an international account, please include bank charges of R250.00 per transaction, or a separate invoice will be issued.