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Certificates RSA will get your police clearance certificate faster and easier than it will take you to do it on your own.

Continue reading for more information about how the process works. If you still have questions please contact us.

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Police clearance certificate from South Africa is an official document issued as a result of a background. This check is done on an individual person to enumerate any criminal records he or she may have.

The SAPS Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria issues police clearance certificates.

The most common reasons for needing to apply for a police clearance certificate are when

  1. You are applying for a job
  2. Immigration purposes.

It usually takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months - or you can get us to get it faster for you.


To obtain a police clearance certificate in South Africa, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Application Form: Obtain an SAPS 91(a) application form
  2. Complete the Form: Fill out the application form with accurate and detailed information. Ensure that you provide your full name, identification details, and contact information.
  3. Fingerprints: Visit your nearest SAPS station to have your fingerprints taken. This step is crucial for the processing of your police clearance certificate. You are required to pay a fee for fingerprinting services.
  4. Supporting Documents: Gather the necessary supporting documents to accompany your application. These typically include a certified copy of your identification document (ID) or passport, as well as any additional documents required by SAPS. Check the specific requirements outlined on the application form or the SAPS website.
  5. Application Submission: Submit your completed application form, along with the supporting documents, to us
  6. Processing Time: The processing time for a police clearance certificate can vary.
  7. Certificate Collection: Once your police clearance certificate is ready, we will collect it on your behalf

It's important to note that the process and requirements may vary slightly depending on your specific circumstances or any changes in regulations.

How to apply

After completing your online order, please email the following documents to onlineorders@certificatesrsa.co.za:

  • Certified copy of ID or passport
  • Set of fingerprints obtained from your local police station (example of SAPS-91a form)
  • Customers outside of RSA can also be assisted by submitting their applications via courier and doing their fingerprints at their local police station or embassy
  • SAPS Payment receipt of R170.00 (done at police station when you do your fingerprints) if they do not take this payment, we can do an EFT to SAPS for the R170.00 on your behalf and a separate invoice will be issued.
  • Signed Indemnity (download here)

Police clearances will be issued in the name on the ID/passport provided as well as the application form. For ladies who require their maiden surnames reflected on the Police clearance, please make sure that it is filled in on the application form on which the fingerprints are done. If it's not on the form, it will not be inserted on the police clearance certificate. Send us a copy of your marriage with the application form and make a note on the top of the application for us.

Lead time

Option 1: 25 working days from the day it is submitted.

Option 2: 15 working days from the day it is submitted.

If you do have a record, we cannot guarantee the above times as it will take longer to obtain your certificate. Our timelines are an indication and we do everything possible to get it out within this period. We cannot be held responsible for any delays, that are out of our control

Disclaimer: Certificates RSA does not guarantee lead times in any way and does not accept responsibility for any loss due to delays in issue of certificates and/or certificates issued with faulty information.

Variations in delivery times from the DHA fluctuate. We cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any costs incurred due to late or non delivery.

Additional costs

Courier: Once the certificate/s are ready they will be sent to you via courier. Courier fees are not included and a separate invoice will be issued to cover these costs.

  • Courier fee (South Africa / main area) – R280.00
  • Courier fee (South Africa / outlying area) – R500.00
  • Courier fee (abroad) – R900.00

Please note that from time to time the CRC and HA experiences backlogs and turnaround times listed on our website cannot be guaranteed. Loadshedding is putting a lot of pressure on the system and affecting applications and turnaround times. Kindly take this into consideration when making travelling plans or have deadlines.