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Thinking about going on holiday this year?

As many discerning travelers departing from the shores of South Africa know all too well, is that getting your passport in a bit of a rig-moral.

Especially, considering the quality of our esteemed Home Affairs departments in SA.  That being said, Certificates RSA specializes in taking the hard part out of it, for you.

Our passport specialists have years of experience of getting your passport not only done faster, but easier and more conveniently.  Who has time to stand in a queue only to be told, "sorry, the systems are down" and then having to come back the next day, and often times standing there from 6am.

A typical queue at the South African Home Affairs

Camping out, has received a whole new meaning.  And then to top that off, you are never guaranteed that you will even get your Passport that day!

More Queues

Let us handle the stress of applying for your passport.  Contact Alecia Vermaak today